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Here’s What Bratz Dolls Look Like Without Their Makeup On

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They woke up like this. 1. Bratz dolls aren’t exactly known for their subtle makeup. View this image › 2. But now one Tasmania-based artist is giving the dolls a major makeunder… and the results are pretty astonishing. ← Slide → According to the artist’s Tumblr, “These dolls have been rescued and rehabilitated […]


A Company Wanted To Make Women Glow With Beauty — So They Made Radioactive Makeup.

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Back in the good old days, it was normal to see dangerous substances used as ingredients in everyday products. Mercury, lead, and even cocaine were commonplace. Kids played with toys that were covered in lead paint. Parents used cough medicine that was filled with cocaine. And adult women used to put radioactive cold cream on […]


How Motherhood Changed My Beauty


“I’ve always cringed at the thought of a slavish devotion to makeup. But I just turned 35, and I rarely go out anymore without it.” View this image › Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed Three months after giving birth, handfuls of hair shook loose from my scalp whenever I ran my fingers through it. I cut […]


18 Instagram Accounts That Will Inspire You To Live Your Best Life

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Because 2015 is the year you’ll stick to your resolutions. 1. Nicole Warne – @garypeppergirl Instagram: @garypeppergirl Instagram: @garypeppergirl Instagram: @garypeppergirl   Nicole runs the amazing Gary Pepper Girl blog and seems to have the coolest life ever. Though she originally hails from Australia, her Instagram will take you all over the world, inspiring your […]