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One Inexpensive Product Is About To Change The Way You Clean Stubborn Messes

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Freshly baked cookies are the best. The crusty messes they leave behind on baking sheets? Not so much. And that nonsense builds up after a while. The worst part is that no amount of elbow grease, dish soap, or black magic ever seems to make it budge. If you’ve wasted hours of your life that […]


This Handy App Allows You To Get Free Wi-Fi Just About Anywhere — No, Seriously

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As much as I’d love to deny it, the truth remains that we live in a technology-dependent society. No matter where I travel, the first thing on my to-do list before I get settled in is find the Wi-Fi password and connect all my devices to the internet. In most cases, hotels will provide that […]


If You’re Stuck In A Boring Meeting, Here’s How You Can Keep Yourself Entertained

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When it comes to tech accessories, there are some that warrant spending money, and some that don’t. Phone stands tend to fall into the latter category. Although they’re helpful when you want to have a hands-free smartphone experience, they’re not usually worth the price. Thankfully, there’s a way around that problem. If you have a […]