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She Walked Around With A Black Eye And No One Said Anything. That’s A Huge Problem.

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It’s hard to know what the best thing to do is when we see someone in need of help. I never want to pry into someone’s personal life without permission, and this cultural attitude can be a good thing, but it can also make us more likely to become bystanders. One mom’s ordeal with a […]


Funeral set for police officer killed hours into first shift

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Those whostill believe that #BlueLivesMatter were heartbroken by one of the saddest end-of-watch stories we’ve heard in a while. Funeral services will be held tomorrow for Prince William County Officer Ashley Guindon, who was fatally shot on her first day on the job as a police officer. Guindon was responding to a domestic violencecall Saturday […]


This Battered Woman Wants To Get Out Of Prison

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Tondalo Hall was sentenced to 30 years in prison for allowing child abuse — while the actual abuser got only two years. Now she seeks clemency, and a women’s rights group is backing her with an online petition. In December 2006, Tondalo Hall’s boyfriend pled guilty to breaking the ribs and femur of their 3-month-old […]