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This Dad And Son Are Each Other’s Superheroes, And They’re About To Become Yours

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Dads can be their kids’ most important role models and superheroes. The story of one dad, however, shows us that being his son’s superhero doesn’t require powers, but an enormous and inspiring heart. When Josh Marshall’s son, Gabe, was diagnosed with brain cancer, the family was devastated. Gabe had a successful surgery in June that […]


You Won’t Be Able To Stop Smiling When You See Who Made This Princess Dress

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Listen. Any guy who goes by the name “Designer Daddy” online is a friend of mine. Why? Because dads are the best, and dads who design elaborate cosplay getups for their kids are next-level cool. In real life, this couture fashion designer goes by the name of Nephi Garcia, but when it comes time to […]


These 24 Dad Jokes Will Make You Slap Your Knee (But Feel Embarrassed).

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Dads are famous for a few things. Knowing how to grill for every summer holiday, not getting along with their in-laws too well, and of course, dad jokes. We’ve all heard them (or at least you probably feel like you have)… but we still love them. Sure, they’re embarrassing. They will make us facepalm occasionally, but […]


These Parents Got Matching Tattoos Of Their Daughter’s Birthmark So She Won’t Feel Different

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Love really is more than skin deep. H/T Daily Mirror. 1. This is the Phillips family of Grimsby, England: Tanya, Adam, and their daughter, Honey-Rae. View this image › Michelle Rawlins LTD. 2. Honey-Rae was born with a birthmark that covers a good portion of her body. View this image › Michelle Rawlins LTD. Tanya […]