Twitter-Train Goes Viral

Joss Whedon’s love note to Madam President Hillary has us wishing our eyes had a reset button

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Here’s the thing: once we saw “Avengers” director Joss Whedon post a “humorous” tweet about his fantasy in which a rhinoceros sodomizes House Speaker Paul Ryan to death with its horn, we knew we were dealing with a very special individual. He’s the kind of guy who says violence solves nothing and then posts his […]


Some lady for ‘that guy’: Obama and Sarah Jessica What’s-her-face miss the mark with play for MTV vote!/ZeitchikLAT/status/209443366851706880 The Obama campaign debuted its first national ad of the election season during the MTV Movie Awards Sunday night. The ad featured perennial youth favorite Sarah Jessica Parker pimping a dinner at her house with “that guy.” Obama ad during the MTV Movie Awards: I'm still hip with the kids right? — Donald (@MrGamer2558) […]


Sacramento Dem apologizes to Amanda Carpenter for ‘may your children die’ tweet!/allanbrauer/status/381117097310318593 Well, you really can’t help but listen when somebody wishes that your kids die slow, agonizing deaths. As Twitchy reported earlier, Allan Brauer, communications chair for the Sacramento Dems, said this in a hateful tweet directed at Amanda Carpenter, senior communications adviser for Sen. Ted Cruz:!/allanbrauer/status/381090422170202112 Bauer issued this apology:!/allanbrauer/status/381115003358552064 As you […]


This Dog Loves Accordion Music So Much, She Sings Along! Just Too Precious.

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If you needed a little pick-me-up, then Jessie the dog has you covered. When her owner, Will, decides to pull out his accordion to play a tune she can’t hold back her joy. There’s something about music that Jessie loves so much. Watch what she does when he begins to play… I dare you not to […]