Twitter-Train Goes Viral

‘Brilliant, must-read’: Glenn Reynolds Insta-schools Sen. Dick Durbin!/willcollier/status/354227080168353793 Beautiful. Instapundit Glenn Reynolds has a fantastic column up at The New York Post today. Heh. As Twitchy reported, Sen. Dick Durbin recently told bloggers they need not apply for the same protections as journalists. He repeated that jackassery last week in the Chicago Sun-Times. “Just bloggers” aren’t “real journalists,” you see. He […]


One Man’s Random Act Of Kindness Gave A Military Family An Awesome Gift

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When one U.S. Army service member came back from a tour in Iraq for 15 days, he was more than ready to go on vacation with his family. At the airport, he met a guy named Brad who was incredibly interested in his life and where his family was going on vacation. Brad asked the […]


Ed Gillespie wins Republican nomination, will face Sen. Mark Warner

, , , ,!/EricCantor/status/475359241645989888 Former presidential adviser and lobbyist Ed Gillespie will face Democratic Sen. Mark Warner in Virginia in November after winning the Republican nomination at the state party convention Saturday. Ed Gillespie bested Shak Hill and two others to clinch the nomination.!/EdWGillespie/status/475362618438615040!/kerpen/status/475364270205849600!/blogho/status/475364378683113472!/andrewsiff/status/475364358923759616!/andrewsiff/status/475363742927290368   Read more:


Here Are The 25 Most Ridiculous And Ironic Ways People Have Died. Seriously, #20… FOR REAL?

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Forget heart disease, which is the leading cause of death in the United States, claiming about 600,000 lives a year. We just found some absolutely bizarre ways you could die. We’re not saying you’re in any immediate danger of being killed by any of these situations, but it has happened before… The worst part about these ways […]